Tendai Buddhist Sangha of Australia
Affiliate of The Hawaii Tendai Institute's
Pan Pacific Sangha
Bringing the Lotus to Australia
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The following are individuals or groups connected to our own or others "Light(ing) up a corner of the world":
This is the english version of the Tendai Sect's Official Site: http://www.tendai.or.jp/english/index.php
This is the Official site of our Venerable teacher Dai Shojo Ara Ryokan Sensei: http://www.tendaihawaii.org/english/temple/tendaishu.html
This is a link to the Hawaii BetsuIn- temple of our Venerable teacher Dai Shojo Ara Ryokan Sensei: http://www.tendaihawaiibetsuin.org/?p=1
This is the website of Venerable Ryoei Tyler, residing priest of the Kongosan Eigenji:

Dr. Michael Saso (Jikan Sensei) is also a student of the Venerable Ara Ryokan Sensei and a scholar of Tendai Buddhism among other things: http://www.michaelsaso.org/?page_id=5
This a link to an article by Irene Mastumoto, residing priest of the Palolo Kwannon Temple, Hawaii: http://the.honoluluadvertiser.com/article/2004/Aug/17/il/il01a.html
This is the website of the New York Tendai Betsuin under Monshin Naamon Sensei:
This is the website of the California Tendai Monastery:http://www.vkleary.blogspot.com.au/
This is the website of Tendai Buddhist Seishin Clark (England):

The blog of Doko O'Brien- Tendai in Colorado: https://tendaicolorado.org/
Website and blog associated with the Celestial Drum Tendai Sangha:
The Official blog of Junsen Nettles of the Great River Ekayana Sangha:
Website and blog of the Red Maple Sangha- Tendai Canada: