Tendai Buddhist Sangha of Australia
Affiliate of The Hawaii Tendai Institute's
Pan Pacific Sangha
Bringing the Lotus to Australia
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The Tendai Sangha of Australia is connected to the Tendai Hawaii Betsuin and Venerable Ara Ryokan. Our founding Priest is Reverend Jiryo Moxon who currently resides in Brisbane Australia. A second Sangha has been established in Sydney under the direction of Reverend Jikai Dehn. For more information, please visit the respective (Brisbane or Sydney) page of this website. 
At present, Reverend Jiryo Moxon teaches on an informal basis. However, attempts are presently in motion to organise a 'fixed and regular' place and time in which practice may be established. Jiryo Moxon is currently running a course on Tendai Shikan meditation. For all interested in finding out more about this, it is recommended that you contact Jiryo sensei using the 'contact us' page. 
Reverend Jikai Dehn's Sydney Sangha currently holds Dharma lessons and services on Thursdays and Sundays. Service begins at 11:00 and ends at 12:00. Dharma lessons follow and last between an hour and an hour and a half. Those wishing to attend are advised to email Reverend Jikai at jikai.tendaiau@gmail.com. Reverend Jikai Dehn is also available for private services and lessons at other times.